Sunday, March 11, 2007

Virtual Beggar in Second Life

Hall Igaly: "hallo Mister,give me L$1,please"
Today I spent some time in Second Life assisted by my Portuguese speaking friend from Rio, Jorge. He told me SL is huge in Brazil and there was an island devoted to Brazilians. We found it and with 8100 avatars on it we teleported over. He slipped into conversation with some of the crowd gathered. It was interesting to see someone else interacting in world . After a time we were approached by Hall Igaly (pictured above) and in him I met my first virtual beggar. Jorge told me Hall even dressed like a Rio street kid. Hall did nothing else but approach other avatars for L$1.
I wonder who is operating Hall, I have an image of a tech savvy young person who spends time in Public Libraries and cheap Internet cafes. Or maybe a teenager logged on in their bedroom raising extra cash for a hectic lifestyle. Maybe they work for Linden Labs to add authenticity to the space.

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