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LARM – Nordic sound art festival

LARM – Nordic sound art festival

Exhibition, performances, festival, a book and a double-CD

LARM works to highlight and document women’s work within sound art in the Nordic region. Today, a lively sound art scene exists of which women are a natural part. But if you take a look back historically, few women are mentioned. Why? How did the pioneers sound? What happened to them? Which ones are active today? How do they sound?
Now, a Nordic manifestation is being created and LARM is taking a collective hold on women’s work within sound art by publishing a book and a double CD, launching an Internet archive and arranging a sound art festival at Kulturhuset in Stockholm.
March 30–April 22
Exhibition of sound art installations and a sneak preview of the book and CD at LAVA, Kulturhuset

April 4 & 10
LARM is a guest on Monitor at Sveriges Radio (Swedish Radio) P2. LARM will host the show in collaboration with Erik Mikael Karlsson.

April 13–15 Festival at Kulturhuset in Stockholm
The highlight of the sound art manifestation is the festival at Kulturhuset in Stockholm,
April 13-15. Twenty or so artists from the Nordic region will be participating, including: the Norwegian voice equilibrist Lisa Dillan; her fellow-countrywoman Natasha Barret with her 16 channel work ”Trade Winds”; the Japanese harpist and noise musician Emi Maeda, who works in Finland; electromusic from Kira Kira from Iceland and performance art from Hugger Mugger from Sweden. Kristine Scholz from Sweden plays a duet with Mats Persson on a prepared grand piano; and from Denmark comes Birgitte Alsted, who composes music for electronics and violin. The festival will kick off on Friday, April 13 with the Icelandic violinist and video pioneer Steina Vasulka and her performance ”Violin Power”. During the festival, a video screening will also be ongoing.

Exhibition and sound art installations
On March 30, it’s time for the première of advanced sound art installations at LAVA, Kulturhuset. Don’t miss the chance to experience works of artists like Ursula Nistrup from Denmark, Sachiko Hayashi and Anna Karin Rynander from Sweden, Hekla Dögg Jonsdottir from Iceland and the U.S. born Camille Norment, now living in Sweden.

Book preview: LARM from mouth cavity to laptop: sound in Nordic art
On March 30, it’s also time for a sneak preview of the book LARM from mouth to laptop: sound in Nordic art. The book presents different perspectives of sound art, with rich imagery and text material, in a number of thematic texts and artist presentations. Read about what inspires the Nordic musician Maja Ratkje for example, and what the Swedish architect Catharina Dyrssen writes about sound and space. The Danish electro acoustic music pioneer Else Marie Pade describes her work and the Finnish/French artist Marianne Decoster-Taivalkoski presents her interactive media installation Aquatic, where advanced technology reacts to visitor movements enabling them to create a water soundscape.

The book also contains texts and sound compositions, as well as the sound poem Neeijjj by the Swedish poet Sonja Åkesson. You will also find exclusive images by contemporary sound artists such as Hanna Hartman from Sweden/Berlin. The book contains two CDs distributed by Kning Disk, the book is published by Kabusa Böcker. Release date: April 13

Double CD: LARM from mouth cavity to laptop
The record company Kning Disk is releasing the book’s double CD as a separate edition, with an accompanying booklet. 24 tracks that span 60 years, including both unreleased tracks and new material from Lisa Jeannin, Ruth Bakke, Hertta Lussu Ässä and Kukkiva Poliisi, Ebba Moi and Anna Carin Hedberg, Annika Ström and more. Release date: April 13.

Internet archive
The Internet archive is unique and contains information regarding the people that LARM has been in contact with. Artists, composers, musicians, performers and producers from the entire Nordic region present themselves. The archive will be available from March 30 at LARM – Nordic sound art festival.

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