Friday, March 02, 2007

People of earth. The Spacious Mind have a new CD for all.

People of earth. The Spacious Mind have a new CD for all. I quote from the source:

The Spacious Mind - Gentle Path Highway (Countryman010)

There’s this thing in the minds of real enlightened folks, which is called the mental backbone of complete vision. As the story goes, the first recorded evidence of this phenomenon occurred aeons ago when an old Mexican man took his walk of life just a bit too far & lost himself on the way to the sacred site he was heading for. Trying to find his way back to both his own self & that piece of holy dirt n’ soil hidden in the land of Peyote proved too much, and he was eventually found all dried up, dead as a raven with a heart pierced by an arrow. So obvious was the marks & footprints on the ground where he’d been stumbling along, that people in the area soon gave it a name: the Lazy River Road. This was then & now is now & now the name is the Gentle Path Highway. You can see the reason for the change if you’ve been far enough down that road yourself, be it in your soul or on foot. If not, well, sorry but I won’t tell you.
Another day, another lifetime, and another record by The Spacious Mind. They’ve been at it for 16 years, and this new CD, by weird circumstances entitled Gentle Path Highway, is their tenth proper release. Who would’ve thought that back in 1993 when their debut was unleashed in full glory? Snotty-nosed kids then, not quite middle aged now & while that seemingly has nothing to do with wise men in Mexico, think again. Is it not true that the revolution I like to speak of comes from the inside? Is it not true that the music we hear is the music of the spheres & thus from the outside? And is not that outside what we were born out of – of earth and sky? Is that not the same mother of all that has given birth to seas, trees, holy men & bees? Of course it’s so & there’s the clue – in the light, man!
The music of The Spacious Mind is only a fraction of that of the spheres, they share their part of Land of the notes with everyone else, but when encapsuled like this, on an ugly silver shining disc you might be forgiven for thinking, if only for a moment, that they’ve actually tapped in on some ancient musical mystery that only they know of. Hah! Only kidding you – this is everyone’s music just like all other music & you might wanna reconsider the thought of that music as something you can sell or buy or understand or read about in glossy magazines sold by the devil. Or that that music is up for grabs when men in suits hide inside the hearts of ‘independent’ artists and labels, because that’s not music in the first place. Real music is something else. It’s not a scene & it’s not a dream – it’s life, man & it’s talking to you all the time. Let it go & let it shine, let yourself out of the box & do your thing but don’t do theirs. DON’T DO THEIRS!
Yeah, losing it a bit, am I? So glad to be out of here in a minute – I’ve got important stuff to deal with. Life affirming reality’s knocking on the door, and that’s my kinda music. You may give this disc a spin & see what you hear in there – might be your life & your reality coming to groove with you all through the wintery sunshine. Now I’m done. Bet you ain’t.

B.C. Wolff
(B.C. Wolff wears stained pants that smell of woodsmoke & he walks through the morning light for hours. He’s a brother of the fox & and a guardian of dreams.)

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