Friday, March 23, 2007

Four interesting texts online from Bev Skeggs

Four interesting texts online from Bev Skeggs, visiting researcher in gender studies here at Umea University. I saw her seminar "Ambivalence and Class: Bourdieu's Gender Troubles" and it clarified a lot about Bourdieu's work for me. Four texts from Professor Beverly Skeggs:

Ambivalence and Class: Bourdieu's Gender Troubles

Respectability – Becoming a Proper Person

Making Class Through Moral Extension on Reality TV

The Value of Intimacy: Moral Economies on Reality TV

All this material comes via the morally decent and respectable Center for Gender Studies at the Facualty for Medicine at Umeå University.


Ben said...

True, she is also very nice person, lucky to be supervised by her. Cheers.


((((((((ö)))))))) said...

Yes, she seemed to be. Her seminar had a lot of humor in it. I am not being supervised by her. I was just at a seminar she gave (along with about 150 other people).

Ben said...

It seems she recently has a lot talks in Sweden:P
sorry for let you misunderstand.. i mean i am supervised by Bev now, she is really nice and supportive prof :P