Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dogs Sniff Pirates

These are dogs who are trained (by who?? The man in the picture?) to locate pirated DVDs. Apparently they sit down when they "smell plastic". Not only this but a 'contract' has been put on their lives by the local "movie pirates"- It is all beyond me.
It is part of Malaysia's attempt to get itself off a "U.S. [read MPAA] watchlist on piracy". The dogs are the property of the Motion Picture Association of Malaysia (difficult to find information about) which was formed as part of Operation Trident. It is interesting that so many parallels between drugs and media copyright infringement are made in this story:
Lucky and Flo are not the first dogs to have attracted a bounty. In 2004, a drug
cartel in Colombia placed a US$10,000 (RM35,000) price on the head of a golden
Labrador Retriever named Agata, one of Colombia’s best drug-sniffing dogs. She
began her career in 2003 and has since helped track down 300kg of cocaine and
20kg of heroin.
Should we be panicking?

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