Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Rhizome Commissions Program

Founded in 2001, the Rhizome Commissions Program makes financial support available to artists for the creation of original works of Internet-based art. Commissions are awarded by jury, and by Rhizome's membership through an open community vote.
In 2007, Rhizome will commission eleven new art works with fees ranging from $1000-3000. You can submit a proposal below, or read more about our submission and voting procedures
This year, we are accepting proposals in two categories.
1) New works of Internet-based artThe works must use the Internet as a primary component. They can manifest offline or on a mobile device, as long as the final work is accessible online, whether through a web browser, software, or some other use of internet technologies. There is no required theme.
When evaluating proposals, the jury will consider artistic merit, technical feasibility, and online accessibility. Although we will provide some technical assistance with final integration into the Rhizome web site, artists are expected to develop projects independently and without significant assistance from Rhizome.
Ten commissions will be awarded in this category.
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2) Community projectIn 2007, Rhizome will also award one commission to an artist whose project will benefit our community, by enhancing communication, participation or user experience on the website. Artists will be asked to execute the Community Project independently and be prepared to work with Rhizome to integrate the work when complete. Projects must be feasible, and manageable for up to one year. Precursors include Rhizome's 'alt.interface' which provided alternative interfaces, or visualizations, for Rhizome's online archive, the ArtBase.
One commission will be awarded in this category.
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