Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Life by Google

An image of sorts of the two places I have spent longest in my life. The town in Australia I was born in, Toowoomba Queensland, and where I live at the moment, Umeå Sweden. Toowoomba has a saddler, pasta and real estate. There is a university in Toowoomba, but it is not related by Google to the town name. Therefore it does not appear in searches. Compared to Umeå, a town of roughly the same size and demographic, where the university is directly related by Google to the town.

The architecture of information proceeds.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Omniscient business - Or how I met Erik Gustafsson

An artistic documentary commenting on the rhetoric's and integrity problems of the information technology business. The video is made by John Huntington in collaboration with artist Carl-Erik Engqvist.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Rap News: WIKILEAKS vs Censorship - INTERNET WARS

Rap News - episode 4 - resumes its lyrical forays into the world of rhyme and reason, exploring what's been happening on the Internets in 2010. Robert Foster - recently returned from his long-leave vacation in the Caribbean (prematurely interrupted due to the disastrous BP oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico) - takes a look at Senator Joe LIEberman's proposed bill to grant the Prez the power to shut down the web in case of [quotation mark] an emergency [/quotation mark].

But - most importantly - we discuss something else which has been leaking even more profusely than a BP oil well. An organisation of ultra-inspiring infectively-courageous cybernauts - aka Wikileaks - has been taking on the Fistagon and giving that slumbering Fourth Estate a much-needed kick in the arse, reminding us how important the internet can be as a channel of information.

What is Wikileaks? Who is Julian Assange? And why is it so important that we know? Find out with your charming host, Robert Foster.

Find out more about:

Lieberman talking about the proposed Cybersecurity bill on CNN:
'Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act' - the 'Killswitch' bill which is now being considered:
Wikileaks leaked video - 'Collateral Murder':
Wikileaks leaked 'Afghan War Diary':,_2004-2010
Julian Assange - talking about Wikileaks:

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