Friday, March 02, 2007

Back to Work

Today I officially finished parent leave. Benyamin has started at day care, although it will be short days for a while as he settles in. It feels like I have emerged from a dream in a way. For the past six months I have been in a fairly small world. This world had a directness about it that I like; eating, washing, shitting and so on. He smiled at me when he was happy and screamed when he was not. Taking a walk was a major undertaking and often he was so equally impressed with his surroundings to warrant the wonder after the dressing, packing etc. Many days at the play drop-in-center spent crawling aroud on the floor or playing with blocks. Ben also now looks to me for comfort when he is upset, whereas before it was mum who was the provider of that. Now it is both of us. I think of my six months at home with Ben as a turning point for me in some ways. I feel a new calmess and confidence. However, this is sure to disappear in few days back at uni. I have a chapter of the thesis to write by April when there will be seminar to present. Plus two short courses I am teaching in HUMlab, one in April and one in May. There will be other seminars, guest lecturers and the usually duties.
Time to work.

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