Monday, May 23, 2005

Puppetmasters and Performances: Pervasive Gaming in Practice

In a couple of hours I will be attending Jane McGonigal's HUMlab seminar on pervasive gaming. This is for me a very interesting topic. Jane is among many things one of the creators of the famous I Love Bees game. Since the days of 34 North 118 West I have been interested in the omniscient game or Alternate reality Gaming (ARG). The boundaries of any text are created by the material nature of that text, but what of such representations as the city where it is thought of as reality rather than a construction? Here the boundaries of the "text" are only defined by the reading, how one interacts with the city, what narrative elements are combined in order to tell the story that one will live for that particular day.
This psychogeography runs parrallel to any ARG creation and will, I believe, become a major source of discourse in the coming years.

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