Saturday, May 21, 2005

Build what they want using BBC content

The British Broadcasting Company it seems is moving the distribution of their content into the public domain with Backstage.

From 10 days ago describes it as a free for all "mash it up", but looking at the ten prototypes accepted so far, it hardly seems to be overflowing with micro-innovation:

1. A Spam filter attached to the BBC RSS
2. News maps. You see where on the globe Azerbaijan actually is (no doubt this would be popular in the USA)
3. Traffic news (driving with laptop can be dangerous)
.....And so on

The BBC propose that:

" is the BBC's developer network to encourage innovation and support new talent. Content feeds are available for people to build with on a non-commercial basis."

The Standard license Agreement pushes the content more toward the RSS feed side of the arrangement, where by your site can host BBC content.

To me it seems more like a way of freeing the distribution of content rather than the actual ability to download and change the broadcast content from the BBC itself. Why can't be re edit Dr Who, remix the Teletubbies, sample The Goodies?

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