Monday, May 09, 2005

From Roma to Experimental Music to Digital Language Learning and the Didgeridoo

My life is complex and the last few days and this week are testament to that. For the final two days of last week I was busy making a poster (above image)for a coming conference on Roma Self-writing. I was also preparing for a concert of what the local paper came to describe as "experimental music" (Link in Swedish). I spent much of the weekend with Marek and Anna of The Magic Carpathians, as well as meeting Avarus, Mats and playing with the Kungahuset. This was as well as maintaining a flimsy presence on the domestic scene (pregnant partner and unwell child....a trip to the A&E of the local hospital yesterday for a suspect eye infection proved to be an overly hasty decision on the part of us, the worried parents).

Now it is Monday and I have made the return to "normal life". Reading as fast and as much as possible, preparing for a busy week in HUMlab, including a two day symposium on IT and language learning which is going to be very rich. As part of this I am again playing music on Wednesday night.
On Friday between 9am and 12md there will be a Workshop with Agnes Kukulska-Humle on Mobile Learning.
On Friday it is also my lovely partner's birthday, the one that begins with a 3 and ends with 0.
Here she is looking fine at a recent fire:

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