Sunday, May 29, 2005

Music or Arranged Sound

I have recently noticed that I have a lot of musical material on the web. The pan-Continental group I play in, 'Majik' has been getting some good reviews on websites for our double CDR releases; The Human Hand and In Mara's Glove. So I thought it was time to make a daring connection and link up various sites to this blog and allow the sounds to flow through here as well.
First, so as people realize what sort of aural scape they will be encountering here I quote from a recent review on the Unbroken Circle site:

"Majik on 'The Human Hand' [musicyourmindwillloveyou 0011] are creating surreal symphonies to disoriented. Starting with words, speech overlapping, manipulation of vinyl it then evolves into strummed acoustic density, playing chords not recognizable in this dimension. Guttural non-verbalized calls and exhortations sit in the background evoking the indescribable. Fuzz guitars, clattering percussion, bass that empties brains of reason. Speech from those not-quite alive seethe over broken melodies, spurts of stomach loosening noise, random drums, nobody playing together. Speech intoning, indistinguishable, reduced to primal sludge. Order from chaos, sense from the Surreal. This isn't music, its noise as liturgy. Caveat Emptor profundis."

So here are a selection of websites with downloadable noise of which I am either wholly or partly responsible:

Some Solo Material

Solo Material Continues (including short film with music)

The Brotherhood of Eternal Love (a collaborative collection including myself and members of The Spacious Mind plus others)

Again with the Majik

Finally I quote from a online review I received recently:

"Reviewer: Downes
Subject: Review of Jim Barrett Red Text
People looking for authentic didgeridoo will find it here. The recording starts slowly and is a bit choppy for the first two minutes, but for the remaining five minutes settles into varied and interesting didgeridoo voices. Good stuff."

I have completed three tracks on my next CD and I hope to have it finished this summer. It will be available from mymwly recordings.

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