Friday, May 06, 2005

Bad Boy Bubby

Bubby as Poet

Last night I watched one of my favorite films for the second time. The Australian film Bad Boy Bubby is a surreal "wolf-child" genre story for the postmodern age. Instead of be suckled in the woods Bubby is confined and sexualised by his deranged mother. Escape comes as Bubby begins to question his own situation and the twisted reality provided since birth by his mother. Being that the outside world in completely full of poison gas, making movement outside his small room impossible. The arrival of his long lost father, "Pop", in the bunker-like room brings violence, a new sexual partner for "Mum" and many unanswered questions about the external atmosphere. Bubby begins experimenting with breath and concludes he has been lied to. Thus he begins his own extraordinary path in a world as seen through the eyes of a 35 year old man-child.

This film is a rich philosophical catalyst. Ideas of individuality and self-identity, divinity, creativity and meaning are provoked by its original plot. If you ever have wondered about who you are and how you came to be that, watch Bubby in action.

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