Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Moonshake 7th May 2005

In the name of music for the wellbeing of all everywhere we present the next Moonshake. This is gonna be a big one:
Saturday 7th May 2005
Hamnmagasinet Umeå
Cost: 50 Crowns
Music, Films, Fire show, Food, Stalls, DJ and Spontaneous Acts

Live Recording HERE
A living breathing cool-lective consciousness from across the Gulf of Bothnia (i.e. Finland). I quote from the SecretEye:

"Avarus's sound is primitive, child-like, joyous and free. We play long improvisations, from which we choose the most listenable parts for the records. Live shows also contain the searching-for-the-sweet parts. Music changes a lot, because it's not about trying to sound like something, but just playing how we feel like playing and it changes all the time. That's why one day we may sound like a duck sucking an empty playmobile pack when another day we are closer to angels accidentally re-inventing sport rock."

There will also be a performance by Avarus member Jan Anderzén as Tomutonttu which will include the showing of an animated film.

The Magic Carpathians Project:
The duo resides on the edge of what music once was (and still is in the more intact parts of the spiral). The present day incarnation of the "nature treated humanely" of Goethe's magic. The transcendent principle of art as transporting the subject rather than capturing it. A sense of representation which exists outside the time of empire and imposed discipline, of non-prescriptive but descriptive being. Communicative channels open along loose pathways to a green and vegetative organic awareness. Ritual performance and co operative states are found in what they describe as ethno-psychedlia.

Stary Dom: The gallery space of the Carpathians Magic

The Spacious Mind:
After a long wait are The Mind kindly releasing more recordings of their music in stationary form. The new studio CD Rotvälta will be launched at this Moonshake. Reviewed by Uncle Matts on The Broken Face as:

"It's flushed out with so much sonic depth and clarity that there are moments I feel like this is the most perfected form of psychedelic music ever. I don?t think I need to tell you that such comment is an exaggeration but there?s something to the flowing dreamy keyboards, effect-drenched electric guitar and impressive drumming that just work in a truly mind-melting way."

The psychedelic wildness continues with the north country's own Kungahuset as the play operatic space jazz. The bredth of this band is huge with the journey inspired by their music touching on everything from Middle Eastern wedding dances in crowded mud brick courtyards to the hazy days of The Haight in 66.

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