Thursday, May 19, 2005

Bits and Pieces

It seems like blogging is peaking at the moment. Even staid old SVT is getting in on spreading the word.

My work continues. Things seem in place for the Roma Self-Writing conference tomorrow. If anyone is interested in hearing:
David Morley (Warwick), Gunilla Lundgren (Stockholm), Siobhan Down (London), Veijo Baltzar (Helsinki/Helsingfors), Martin Shaw (Umeå), Paola Toninato (Warwick), Adrian Marsh (Istanbul), Bo Hazell (Örebro).
On how gypsy authors have written about themselves, come to Humanist Building, B 203 at Umeå University between 9 am-6 pm tomorrow.

The other thing that is fast approaching me is the Södertörns Folkhögskolan summer school "ICT and the Humanities". Yesterday I received my assignment information, including what I hope will be my first real academic paper...More on that soon. This summer school is going to be wicked.

Back to the books...........

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