Thursday, May 05, 2005

majik "in mara's glove" cd-r

I am happy to anounce the release of the latest project by the collective power of Music Your Mind Will Love You, on which I play, scream and bang things. I quote from the Foxglove site:

Foxglove066: majik "in mara's glove" cd-r
more primitive dirt psych explorations from the masters of the australian outback. majik is the fully assembled ensemble encompassing almost-all the members of the musicyourmindwilllove you collective. space shanty rhythms collide with tribal folk dirges to create true cosmic wreckage. michael donnelly and co. are on a mission to find the perfect trip. their cathartic releases are spewed straight from the earth's core. this is the aural transfixing of melted rock and the hyperspace freeway. a total psychedelic journey. welcome to fucking oz. 100 copies (dual release w/ mymwly - the companion disc, "the human hand," is available from them now)

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