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A Cheery Chunk of Media

This indigenous version of a history book rivals anything similar in the world and holds the key to Australia's ancient and modern history, according to scientists who have just returned from an expedition to the Djulirri rock shelter in the Wellington Range.
Art from the eternal nowever

I did not post a list of recommended online media last week. It may have had something to do with being so busy that I occasionally have to remind myself to breath deeply and look around. Most of my time is spent writing lately. In the week between Tuesday last week, when I handed in a 33 page thesis chapter for a seminar last Tuesday, and the seminar itself, I wrote a 13 page article. The 13 pages was then combined and incorporated with another 10 pages written by my collaborator on the article. It was submitted yesterday and should be published in Norway (!!!) towards the end of the year as part of a book. I also heard from a Polish art magazine which I submitted an article to a long time ago and it looks like they are about ready to publish it.
Apart from that I have started looking into the use of stereotypes in digital literature and have a growing interest in cognition and language. I have a bike again, after having walked everywhere for the past few weeks. I have more teaching and research work at uni outside my thesis commitments (both a worry and a relief) which means I have employment almost up till April 2009. It should be enough time to finish the blasted thesis, which is incidentally going well. The seminar on Tuesday was rugged but encouraging, I have a lot to do, but it looks like I am moving in the right direction at last. And now to the online media:

Wild Roots
Wild Welsh, Galician, Irish and original tunes played on bagpipes and mandola, backed up by a cutting-edge rhythm section. Recorded in southwest Wales 2005-6.

Larkin Grimm
I have seen Larkin play once and it was quite amazing in places. I was swept up by it at the time, but then afterwards I realized how much her performance reminds me of Buffy Saint-Marie (also totally amazing). Nonetheless, if you ever get the chance to see Larkin Grimm weave her magick you should pay attention. This is two songs from her new album:

It seems like an almost natural occurrence for Larkin Grimm to end up associated with Michael Gira's Young God Records. She's certainly a kindred spirit to the acts that have flowed through its doors over the years. Parplar is by many accounts her most conventional record but as with many artists borne out of folk experimentation, eventually the essences of melody and form have to peek their head from the clatter and clang sometime. Gira acts as co-producer here and his hand may have had something to do with the calming of Grimm's waters but in all honesty he's never really been one to instill convention in an artist, so maybe not. While the noises and outbursts that accompany her songs have become more cohesive her singularly entrancing voice hasn't changed a bit.

July - 1968 - July
Magic Mixture - 1968 - This Is The Magic Mixture

It's getting so that you almost can't move for old psychedelic LPs being ripped to the Net these days. Here are two more, which I have not heard (no time to) but they look kind of interesting.

Where to find free sound effects and royalty-free music
If you don't know about the FreeSound Project (and now you is the best) this is probably interesting. Although every little bit helps and this is a little more.

Ash Ra Tempel - 1973 - Ash Ra Tempel Starring Rosi
Pop-oriented 1973 album Starring Rosi was thusly named because it featured lead vocals by Rosi Mueller.

Tina Date "A Single Girl" 1965
LP rip @ 192-224VBR

Tina Date was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and originally studied as a concert pianist. In the early 1960s, she was caught up in the folk revival; learnt guitar and rapidly became one of Australia premier folk music performers at concerts, on stage and on television. She only ever produced the one album, "A Single Girl" in 1965. Shortly after the release of the LP, she travelled to Canada to visit her mother (Anita Aarons - a prominent jewellery artist)) and thence onto New York where she worked at the United Nations Headquarters. She also associated with the Greenwich Village folk performers and had appearances including a short period on TV.

Media Burn
Media Burn Independent Video Archive has been a dream for more than 30 years, since the first days of independent video. Independent video makers who have been producing ground breaking work generally have not had access to widespread distribution. Now, like the portable video technology of the archive’s roots, current digital technologies have revolutionized how people and ideas come together.

Peter Lamborn Wilson - Utopian poetics - Naropa, 1993

“First half of part 1, of a two-part class, by Peter Lamborn Wilson on utopian poetics. Wilson contrasts the authoritarian utopian tradition, from Plato to urban planning, with the anti- or non-authoritarian utopian tradition, beginning in paleolithic hunter-gatherer societies. A discussion of paleolithic and neolithic societies follows, including the role of linear time, cruelty, and calendars. Wilson then discusses the artist in her/his shamanic role, surviving as the role of the bard in Irish culture. He discusses William Blake and describes the alienation of the poet’s social function and its subsumption into media and advertising. A student question prompts a discussion of apocalyptic ideas. More from Sage Wilson

The Upstairs - Ku Nobatkan Jadi Fantasi EP
I post this here simply because it is from Indonesia (I assume Java but I am not sure):
The Upstairs appear to be Indonesia”s answer to The B-52s. They have a similar style and the same successful mixture of punk and fun. Their EP Ku Nobatkan Jadi Fantasi is a free release from Yes No Wave to celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day. It is a different sort of EP for Yes No Wave as it tends to be much more mainstream than the usual selection of eccentric artists on the label.

Ill leave it there while I have more..most of it comes from the same sources these ones do, so look for yourself. Good luck and Goodbye.

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