Friday, September 26, 2008

A Little Civil Unrest for the Weekend

"In every cry of every man,
In every infant's cry of fear,
In every voice, in every ban,
The mind-forged manacles I hear."
William Blake, 'London'

Return to Casa Nada Friday afternoon for the beginning rituals of the weekend. The mind turns to the chaos that is Western Civilisation at the moment. What a time to be alive. Banks the first into the abyss. Nervous teenagers waiting for the school shooting that will never come. Don't pick up hitch-hikers. Keep the streets clean. Autumn leaves and empty villas. A sail around the Arctic. Some days it seems our dreams will come true and it is no good trying to wake up. I am waiting for the Art that will rescue us from ourselves. On to the media used and recommended by the management for this seven day cycle.

The Spacegoats Catalogue for Download
Spacegoats originally formed from a convergence of wandering minstrels, on the twenty third anniversary of the Woodstock festival within a Devon crop circle in August 1992. The idea was to explore what would happen if acoustic music were played inside these strange phenomena.

Garage Punk was originally set up back in June 2001 as the new home for my then-weekly radio program, The Wayback Machine (KDHX-FM 88.1 in St. Louis). Later, it got a lot of worldwide exposure because of the now-defunct Forums message board, which attracted a LOT of traffic to this site. Enough traffic, in fact, that I could begin selling banner ads to help pay for the rising hosting fees involved. After three years of having nothing more than a goofy pic and a “Pick Your Poison” menu on the root directory of, I realized I should do something more with the site, so I decided to turn it into an audioblog.

Music Furtherest from the Sea

The city of Ürümqi, even though its name sounds like it was invented by Jorge Luis Borges, is actually a real place in north-western China, the largest city in western China, and the capital of the Xinjian Uyghur Autonomous Region. It holds the distinction of being the city furthest away from any sea, about 1,400 miles. What kind of music do people produce who are so far away from oceans? Surf music it isn't, that I can tell you. Fortunately for us, Fausto of the excellent Shirley & Spinoza internet radio stream spent some time in Ürümqi recently, and compiled a bunch of great tracks from the region under the name Music Furthest From The Sea - pop sounds from the unStan Vol. 1

Donavan: Cosmic Wheels (1973)
Cosmic Wheels is the tenth studio album, and eleventh album overall, from Scottish singer-songwriter Donovan. It was released in both the UK (Epic SEPC 65450) and the US (Epic KE 32156) in March 1973.

John Cage: I have Nothing to Say and I am Saying It (PBS American Masters Series)
Perhaps the most striking thing about John Cage is his ability to reduce just about anyone in his vicinity to a gentle smile. For more than 50 years, the distinguished, influential and often provocative composer has been challenging audiences with his work and his ideas. All the while, his primary goal has been disarmingly simple. Mr. Cage is interested, as he puts it, in ''increasing one's enjoyment of life, to become more open.

It Crawled Out Of The Vaults Of KSAN Vol. 1&2
These are recordings from the heyday of Underground Radio in San Francisco. This set includes 82 tracks on 6 CDs (most are 80 minute CDs), featuring many live performances, primarily produced and broadcast by radio station KSAN FM. Many of the most popular (and a few lesser known) musicians are represented during the key three years when Bay Area psychedelic music was peaking; from 1966 to 1968. The majority of these recordings came from the Avalon Ballroom and the Fillmore Auditorium.

Radio Apartment 22

Radio from Morocco..

The Corporation

While the brilliant documentary The Corporation has been circulating on the web for a while, it is now officially released on a Creative Commons licence as a Torrent; free for all to see.

The award winning Canadian documentary ‘The Corporation’ has been released on BitTorrent for free. Filmmaker Mark Achbar just released an updated “official” torrent of it. Everyone is free to download, watch, discuss, and share it.
The Corporation received more than 20 awards, including an audience award at the the prestigious Sundance Film Festival. The Film gives insight into the inner workings of large and powerful corporations, and how these affect our society.

The Websters Dictionary
How to Use the Web to Transform the World, by Ralph Benko, How to create communities of thousands, even millions, and channel their energy to effect political, social and cultural transformation? This book will tell you how. You register and they send you a PDF of the book for free. I have registered but have not yet checked for the book. Sounds interesting though.

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Ralph Benko said...

Jim, thanks for noting The Websters' Dictionary. Hope you like it and that your thoughts about it bring you an abundance of readers. We're both, I see, in the debt of John Cage, one of whose maxims I used for the 10th Law!

Come to Bar&Grill (in the nav bar) and grab a table. It's a social networking space for... websters, which just might apply to you too. It will be a few days before I start issuing invitations for it, right now getting the book some exposure seems paramount. (But ... it could be much bigger than just a book.)

"the Webster"