Thursday, September 04, 2008

E-learning 2.0 Live in Second Life

On Friday Sept 5, the Second House of Sweden will be live-streaming the eLearning 2.0 Conference from Stockholm. The cost of attending the actual conference is 3000SEK, while the sessions in Second Life, with live stream, are free. Sessions start at 9am and will finish around 6pm, Stockholm time (midnight to 9am, SL time).

Find out how Second Life is being used to create new, innovating learning experiences. eLearning 2.0 is being organized by the Swedish Association for Information Specialists (SFIS) and will be conducted in English.

Direct teleport link to the conference venue in Second life:

Here’s what the schedule looks like:

Friday, September 5
8:30am: Registration. Coffee and sandwich.
9:00am: Introduction to eLearning 2.0
9:15am: Conference tool kit: Second life, Jaiku, Facebook
9:45am: Web Conferencing Tools – overview for education and effective meetings (Mats Brenner, NSHU)
10:00am: The Best of Both Worlds! Moodle + Second Life = Sloodle (D.I. von Briesen)
12:00pm: lunch
1:00pm: Let’s Web Conference! (Part 1) Angele GIULIANO. Tips and tricks for successful web conferencing
2:00pm: Adobe Connect (Dan Lidholm, WeZupport)
2:20pm: DimDim (Sundar Subramanian, Co-Founder of DimDim and Director of Business Development)
2:40pm: WiZiQ - A free virtual classroom tool that needs no downloads! (Vikrama Dharman)
3:00pm: Coffee & Visit to Kista Science Tower
3:30pm: Let’s Web Conference! (Part 2) Tips and tricks for successful web conferencing
4:30pm: Conclusions / end discussion / evaluation

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