Thursday, September 18, 2008

3D Web Browser

While I wish people would finish with the here (reality) and there (virtual) hype (it is so 1990s) the ExitReality web browser looks interesting:

Available for free at as a four megabyte download, ExitReality operates as a plug-in for existing web browsers. The developers say it was designed with the average computer in mind.

"ExitReality has been built to run on low-spec computers," said Stefanic. "It can even run on dial up, albeit slowly".

Offering "more than 40 billion 3D worlds instantly", ExitReality converts 2D webpages into 3D landscapes that the user can then navigate to view the website's content. ExitReality also allows users to see and chat with other users who are visiting the same site.

ExitReality includes a search engine for all 3D content on the web. Searching for "Paris" returns several sites where you can take a stroll around the Louvre or the Arc de Triomphe, viewing them in three dimensions. (SMH)

The browser comes as a free 4 MB download from the website, I'll test it when I have the time.

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