Friday, September 05, 2008

Media for the Many Headed

In the last seven days I have been so overwhelmed with fine media materials on the Net that there is almost too much to post here in the weekly recommendations. So I just provide here what I copy and paste from my bookmarks, too many to explain, just look for yourself and see what you identify with.


French dub streamed from the bands website. I found this on the way to work this morning on my phone and walked through the forest listening to Ain't Life Ironic. It was kinda appropriate in the moment.

Grateful Dead - Live in Monterey Pop Festival 1967

Monterey Pop Festival, the first big rock festival, and the Grateful Dead turn in what really must be considered way beyond anything else there, save for Jimi obviously. Jamming simply unheard of then, completely off on it's own thing and so well developed already. Really, it's essential to any comprehensive history of American music.

A CALL TO FARMS: Continental Drift through the Midwest Radical Culture Corridor (and other free books from The Heavy Duty Press)
A Call to Farms: Featuring the words of: Claire Pentecost, Jessica Lawless and Sarah Ross, Lisa Bralts-Kelly, Brett Bloom and Bonnie Fortune, Ryan Griffis, Mike Wolf, Martha Boyd and Naomi Davis, Rebecca Zorach, Nicolas Lampert, The Langby Family, Eric Haas, Sarah Holm, Brian Holmes, Dan S. Wang, mIEKAL aND, and Sarah Kanouse.

Shake Sugeree Vols 1 &2
by Elizabeth Cotton (b1895)
Self-taught and having no knowledge of conventional guitar tunings (e.g. standard 'EADGBE' tuning or any established open tunings), Cotten developed her own original style. Her unique approach to left-handed guitar playing involved keeping the guitar in standard tuning but to hold it upside down. This position required her to play the bass lines with her fingers and the melody with her thumb. Her signature, alternating bass style is known as "Cotten picking"

Free Documentaries
Download Free Political Documentaries And Watch Many Interesting, Controversial Free Documentary Films On That You Wont Find On The TV!

KEXP 90.3 FM - Podcast
KEXP offers full-song podcasts of an eclectic mix of artists from the Pacific Northwest and around the world, plus live performances recorded in the KEXP studios. KEXP is the first radio station in the U.S. to offer music podcasts of this scope.

The Rainbow Band - 1971 - The Rainbow Band
I have this record on vinyl and it is cool. On the cover Mahesh and Pavarthi are in all their hippy glory, Mahesh in a lotus posture and Pavarthi looking just blissed out. On the record the cosmic pair are joined by Maruga Booker, Nithyan Gefron, Scotty Avedisian, Phil Catanzaro, Ragunath Mancini, Trevor Young, Gary Olerich, Darius Brubeck, Colin Wolcott, Nirmala, Sharon Simon, Lalitha, Janiki Tenny, Priscilla, Victoria, Felix, Anandi, & Shiva. Far out man!

I also have this on CD and it is truly awesome. Vibracathedral are highest quality and this is one of their best.

For those whose exposure to the communal jam motion of this British improv institution has been limited to the whirling density of their more late-model manifestations, the protracted expanses of blissed and glazed trance atmospherics that largely comprise Music For Red Breath might come as a wee bit of a surprise. It's a lustrous and spectral sound that vibrates at a mystical pitch that'll be familiar to those steeped in the mystery school of acid improv initiated by the likes of Japan's Taj Mahal Travelllers or France's Goa Et Franky Bourlier and it's a glorious thing to behold.

The 50 greatest arts videos on YouTube

YouTube is best known for its offbeat videos that become viral sensations. But among its millions of clips is a treasure trove of rare and fascinating arts footage, lovingly posted by fans. Ajesh Patalay selects 50 of the best - Joy Division's TV debut, readings by Jack Kerouac, a Marlene Dietrich screen test, Madonna's first performance, Nirvana playing in a garage, Marlon Brando screen text for Rebel Without a Cause, John Coltrane performs 'My Favourite Things', Sid and Nancy on New York cable TV, 1978 and William Burroughs on cut-ups, c1980. Just to name a few.

Cyberpunk Radio Podcasts
Welcome to the predystopic world of corporate globalization. Fear NOT! Even as privatization of our essential resources (water, food, and energy) proceed at ever accelerating pace, a neo undergound is taking shape. This underground, like the traditional cyberpunk characters of a previous centuries fiction, is made up of "wired punks"; jacked 24/7 into the Internet/s. The boundaries between reality and illusion are becoming more and more indistinguishable. Cyberpunk Radio is your connection to the pulse of this underground; we give you a glimpse behind the curtain. Listening to CyberPunk Radio will enable you to deny the mainstream media access to your brain stem, at least briefly. We remove the media filters on information, and in the process break corporate control of the popular "Narrative"; tune in to Cyberpunk Radio, another Pirate station breaking the FCC lock on what is available for you via traditional corporate-commercial broadcast programming.

Gertrude Stein's Making of Americans read by Gregory Laynor (Mp3s)
The Making of Americans (1903 - 1911) Performed by Gregory Laynor (2008)

Intermedia - Soundworks 1990-2000

The Triskel Arts Centre is a Cork art venue in Ireland, responsible for the Intermedia Festival, a month-long program of sound art exhibitions and live performances. Their activities also include a World Book Festival and a French Film Festival. Intermedia participants among the years have included Philip Jeck, Max Eastley, David Toop or Pan Sonic. This not for sale CD commemorates a decade of sound art with contributions from mostly British and Irish artists. The excellent selection includes sound poetry, electronica and electroacoustic music. The disc opens with 3 sound poetry pieces.

Love, Peace & Music: Homemade-Lofi-Psych Presents: HLFP 02 "EMBRYO THOUGHTS" - 2008 - (contemporary new psychedelic & experimental music)
This is a 2-CD-collection features relatively unknown musicians from all over the world, who do a great job in playing far out psychedelic and experimental music, ranging from space psych to stoner rock. Quite an aural experience!

Yoko Ono "Apotheosis"
What a perfect film.....short and simple, Ono takes a camera and a boom mike onto a hot air balloon, kicks the rope, and starts the camera and lets us watch as it goes above the clouds for a 17 minute shot. Key things to notice: A roll of 16mm film films only 14 minutes yet the film runs for 17, meaning somewhere in the clouds Ono had another camera loaded and started when the first one ran out, yet somehow the splice is not noticeable and there weren't any computers at the time to fix this sort of thing.....all i can say is optical printing tricks at its best. The last shot, as the balloon rises above the clouds, the wind silences, and the sun becomes visible, is alone worth checking out this timeless classic of experimental film.

Roulette TV - Sainkho Namchylak
The remarkable vocalist Sainkho Namtchylak was born in the Republic of Tuva (South Siberia, Russia) in 1957. She received her first training there as a folk singer and later studied music at the Gnesinsky Institute in Moscow where she mastered techniques of traditional Tuvan throat singing (khoomei) and Western overtone theory. In 1989, she began concertizing in collaboration with avant-garde musicians in new music and jazz venues throughout the world. Namtchylak's unique performances explore vocal techniques used in ritualistic and cult-music in Siberian Lamaism and Shamanism, Tuvan and Mongolian throat/overtone singing styles, folk, jazz, and traditional ethnic styles, and are influenced by contemporary Western improvisation, and even electronic music.

Roulette TV - Pauline Oliveros
Pauline Oliveros is internationally renown for her innovative electronic music, meditative accordion solos, and visionary, breakthrough works that create new relationships among performers by means of attentional, consciousness-raising, group improvisation strategies (many of which are collected in her 1984 book "Software for People"). In this videotape, she offers "Pauline's Solo", a contemplative 20-minute accordion improvisation built of ethereal sustained harmonies and fleeting melodic gestures, like spontaneous thoughts suddenly flashing across quiescent synaptic networks. In an inspiring and instructive interview.

Save Planet Helios From Ecological Devastation!-3D Game by IBM
IBM has released a 3D game to teach engineering concepts to kids. It comes complete with lesson plans for teachers including one called windturbine design and build challenge. Playing the game, students work together in teams to investigate the 3D game environment and learn about the environmental disasters that threaten the game world and its inhabitants.

Spires That in the Sunset Rise "Four Winds The Walker" 2005
The style on this new, second album, is evolved and different and more direct but also more directly weird compared to the debut. The inspiration for the music is as if driven by a conscious shamanistic drugged campfire inner dreamtrance vision. There are tons of weird vocals, and a perfect use of strange, weird sounds and strange colour harmonies all over the place, with some focused acoustic guitars, here and there some chamber like arrangements, always experimental in an intuitive ? magical sense. The vocals sometimes are so odd that at times they recall a ghostly sphere. Also the somewhat ritual rhythms seem to react on a border line edge of a paraphysical situation, with knocking ghosts’ sounds, or with marching dead rhythmic weirdness. In combination of it all the music can again be so incredibly hypnotic in a different way, as what I can recall, I’ve never heard before. It is as if the group knows how to use some secret harmonies that gets a listener out-there. In some way it is like the expression with the essence of true magical ritual music, as a standing stone for a bridge to other worlds and towards different experiences. The effect is so powerful, overwhelming and slurping in all attention from you, that I can not imagine any framed thinker will survive his now fried brainwave changes, which this music can cause, making a recollection perceptiveness switch necessary towards more open visions. It's hard to believe if there would be no deliberate strong believe or philosophical system behind this, other than an intuitive tension, because it really is that powerful. Also incredible is that this tension is continuous for over an hours length, with just a few quiet moments, but even there it is never related to a more ordinary world perspective at all. The music sounds more pagan “magickal” than from any pagan, and more magical than from any inherited repeated ritual. Great!!

The Doors: "Philadelphia, Arena" Aug 4, 1968

Too many things really...but it's all good.

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