Tuesday, October 09, 2007

What a great Idea....

Platial enables anyone to find, create and use meaningful maps of Places that matter to them. We hope it can connect people, neighborhoods, cities and countries through a citizen-driven common context that goes beyond geopolitical boundaries. We are building it, because we adore Places.

Platial allows uses to build online maps of anything. Wired reports:

Platial, a social mapping a site that collects the "personal atlases" of its users. They launched in December, and they've now mapped 200,000 places, and Platial users have generated over 5,000 custom maps.

Platial users can add photos, comments, and tags to their personal maps. Users can also tag places with "been there" and leave a comment, providing a way for people to find others with common interests.

The most popular uses for Platial members are autobiogeography maps (map your life story), travel maps and common interest maps. There's even a map for the "Lost" TV series that maps all of the locations shown on the program. One user created a "Where I Was on 9/11" map that many have contributed to, adding their own personal stories.

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