Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Digital Ethnography

This should put things in perspective somewhat. Student numbers are dropping and it is not just due to demographics. Those students that do turn up are are in classrooms that manifest a 100 year old learning system and are often badly resourced. The technology is not going to solve the problem rather the situation has to be modified to accommodate the technology in terms of what the culture/s can teach us. Check out digital ethnography blog at Kansas State University.


meika said...

well, its Friday now and this youtube vid got a mention in the crikey.com.au newsletter today (Friday) in their blogwatch section crediting Brandflakes for Breakfast

my ethnographic question is, where did you find it?

((((((((ö)))))))) said...

I am not sure how I was told about it. I daily have five email discussion lists, two google groups and 99 blogs I read. Plus I read 6 daily newspapers (one print 5 online) as well as watch 2 TV channels and listen to 3 radio stations- could be one of them.

Revealing sources is not something a journalist will do easily ;-)