Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Second Life as an Archive and Social Space

Tomorrow I will be giving a half hour presentation on Second Life to the local chapter of the Swedish Association of Information Specialists. My presentation is part of a Fall seminar with the title Libraries in Another World. I will be talking about Second Life as an Archive and Social Space. Preparing for tomorrow I feel like in the 30 mins allotted to me I will barely be able to do the subject justice. I just spent half an hour chatting with a librarian inworld at the InfoIsland in Second Life:

Info International is a place where Second Life residents from around the globe can find Second Life resources. Info International is home to Info International House, an open, inviting house for residents to meet and chat; Mi Pueblo, a Spanish Language cafe; the China Cafe, a Chinese Language resource center and cafe; and an exhibit on Stateless (displaced) peoples. It is also the world headquarters for Alliance Library System, the founders of the Info Island Archipelago.

From my short conversation with librarian Peaches (who was also a cat) I realised that the archive side of SL has to work in conjunction with a real life library and the real strength of Sl is as a complement to other services. As a social space in the library context SL is just exploding. The 30mins I spent on InfoIsland was busy with visitors.

The slides for my presentation are online(mostly just a photo album of some of my favorite moments in SL during the last 12 months).

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