Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Seminar Today

Tuesday October 2 at 15.15 in the Conference Room

Jim Barrett:
Frames for Interaction: The Implied Respondent of the Digital Preface

Seminar language: English

All are welcome

The text is available in E202.

Introduction (revised after the seminar...ouch):

The term ‘interaction’ is frequently associated with digital media artifacts that are used to convey stories. Terms such as ‘interactive media’, ‘interactive fiction’ and ‘interactive art’ have been used to describe contemporary digital media. Interaction in the context of digital media is commonly understood as the audience being granted some degree of authority over the story and becoming involved by mechanical or representational means in its outcomes. I term specific examples of computer based digital media as texts. I begin critically analyzing the six digital texts of my corpus by reading their prefaces for implied responses to the texts. The preface is that which “goes before”, the “fore-word” that advances the contents of the text on the terms of its creators, owners and/or publishers in a future tense. The preface introduces and frames the text and ultimately positions the reader in relation to it. The preface’s subject is the digital text that is about to be taken up by the reader. In such an analysis, by mapping out the contradictions and consistencies of implied response in the prefaces, it becomes possible to discuss the broader cultural and social significance of each text.

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