Monday, October 29, 2007

A New Bakhtin Text

Today is not one for blogging. I sit in my office watching the dark grey day outside. It is now almost four in the afternoon and already it is dark. The November of our discontent is upon us once again. BUT, there is one ray of sunshine in all this, winter offers perfect working conditions to the computer bound doctoral student and I am writing a lot at the moment. Over a page done today which is high level production. In the course of my work today I stumbled upon a paper on Bakhtin written by a Russian, T.V. Akhutina (Department of Psychology,. Moscow State University). This paper, The Theory of Verbal Communication in the Works of M.M. Bakhtin and L.S. Vygotsky (Trans. 2003) contains references to a text by Bakhtin that I do not think has been translated into English yet: The Aesthetics of Verbal Creativity (1979). Apart from this gem the paper is a very interesting read as well and presents Bakhtin's theory of addressivity very well.

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