Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Downstreams (a thin sleepy gig)

Maybe it is being an expat person in Sweden but when one of my kids get the seasonal cold (twice a year, usually early spring and late fall) I get it ten times worse. At the moment my body is preparing for winter; aches, pains and head cold. Ive been sleeping a lot the last two days. So, I usually post links to interesting media (Mp3s, videos, texts) on the web on Fridays but today there is not exactly a bounty on offer. While there was plenty posted on other sites, I did not find much that suited my tastes. Just this: downloadsA list of 198478 sites that use the term downloads in their referents (the page takes a while to load, be patient).

VUKZID01 - V/VM - the death of rave (the source)
An expanding series of rave flashbacks spread over a massive ten zip-files. This is the sound of a distant Northern warehouse a now abandoned venue. A celebration of the death of the original rave movement.

A discussion of NYC live music recording, sharing and archiving. Includes archives, forums and links. Hundreds of concerts can be downloaded from here. To use the nyctaper site properly you need to be using Mozilla Firefox browser (I now think this is the best browser available at the moment) and download the amazing DownThemAll plugin. DownThemAll (or just dTa) is a powerful yet easy-to-use Mozilla Firefox extension that adds new advanced download capabilities to your browser. I am starting to feel sorry for IE.

Voices of Resistance from Occupied London.
Anarchist online zine with good articles, artwork and reviews. Issue Two just out. here's the spiel:

And it's 2007. Eighteen years have passed since Fukuyama proclaimed the "End of History" and his arrogant statement never fails to deliver a good laugh. When did history end? It certainly did not go up in the flames coming out of the Parisian suburbs last year. It was not trampled under the feet of the Latin American populations rioting against president Bush's visit to their continent last week. It did not disappear in the fields of the Chinese rural populations constantly uprising against their masters, nor did it collapse along with the twenty-four year old now evicted Ungdomshuset social Centre in Copenhagen, Denmark - an eviction only made possible after seven hundred youths were arrested, spectacularly marking the end to the country's social consent model. How could history end? Capitalism's contradictions, it's very own integral accidents make for a promising future. We live in exciting times: gone are the depressingly quiet nineties, ours could truly be an era of resistance and revolt.

Cybertext yearbook 2006 - Ergodic Histories Publisher: University of Jyväskylä (2006) Editor(s): Markku Eskelinen & Raine Koskimaa
For me this is a work related site. I am ploughing through the theory of digital texts at the moment, plotting my own argument for the thesis that is well underway (one chapter done, introduction half done, four chapters to go and about 16 months left). The Cybertext year book 2006 offers a collection of great articles on German Proto-Cybertexts from the Baroque Era to the Present, Catalan I: Ramon LLull. An Ergodic Literary System, Catalan II: Catalan Poetry of the Modern Age (Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries). Some Examples of Artifice and Visuality, Nonlinearity in Mediaeval Arabic and Persian Poetry, and Culture as a Role-Game. The Warburg Community. I really should read the last one......

Back next week when I hope to be in form......enjoy.

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