Sunday, August 05, 2007

Stop that Thought: Digital Rhetoric, Bibliographies & Knowing when to Stop

It has taken a week or two but it has hit me now; I am back at work. On Friday I got a reply from one of my supervisors on my first attempt at an academic paper. Considering it was the first draft it was not too bad a response but it was nevertheless not good news. Problems seem to be trying to say too much, or saying to much and not getting to the point or having too little analysis in too much text. An economy of words is what is needed. Words should not just tumble out but rather I need to slow down and consider a) what it is I am trying to say and b) What is the best way to say it. This leads me to my increasing interest in rhetoric. Why oh why was I never taught rhetoric?
To the library...must read rhetoric! While the ancient texts would be interesting I thought to look into digital rhetoric, which seems to be developing as a field of study. Here are three good bibliographies:

wra 415: digital rhetoric

Digital Rhetoric A Selected Bibliography

An Idiosyncratic Bibliography for Working with the Visual & interactive Aspects of Texts, whether the texts be on screen or on paper

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