Friday, August 24, 2007

Because its Friday Downstreams

From the psychedelic to networked teens to the counterinsurgency and the tribe, its media for the weekend:

Talking Meadow by Atman and other Carpathian sounds
Atman (often Theatre of Sound Atman) was founded in 1975 in Cracow (PL) by Marek Styczynski and Jacek Zadora, from 1982 it was basiclly a trio: Styczynski, Marek Leszczynski & Piotr Kolecki but many musicians, dancers were invited to perform together with group. Atman was not only a band but a kind of alternative movement with their own label - FLY Music, workshops and festival Music in Landscape. Their sound is defined by using traditional, sometimes exotic, instruments, many flutes, different small percussions, violin, mandolin, cimbalom, didgeridoo, acoustic guitars and vocals also. Apart from obvious “ethnic” attitude Atman also didn’t forget about spontaneity of improvisation.

Joel Vandroogenbroeck, Meditations Vol.1
Belgian Joel Vandroogenbroeck, currently residing in Mexico, has been the leader of legendary kraut progressive band BRAINTICKET. Aside this project, he traveled around the world doing musical research of ancient world musics. The culmination of his ethnic studies have been the albums he issued on the german library Coloursound label between 1979 and 1985, before retiring to South Pacific islands and then Mexico. Here is his third album for Coloursound and debut for the 4 meditations series; a perfect example of his atmospheric outworldly musical instinct, a study on ethnic ambient dicipline hinting at early Stephan Micus.

The American Song Poem Music Archive
The song-poem process begins with those enticing little ads, placed by song sharks in any publication for which they perceive a large and credulous readership: movie mags, comic books, supermarket tabloids, even such relatively specialized journals as Popular Mechanics. Running these ads is like dropping a baited hook into a well-stocked lake. When the song-poet responds by sending her (for most song-poets are female) verse in for "evaluation," the shark mails back a barrage of promotional literature in which he (for most song sharks are male) lays out a more sophisticated round of deceptions than can be squeezed into the ads. The verse, no matter how hopeless, is invariably given a top rating, thus inflating the song-poet's ego and expectations. When such puffery is supplemented with anecdotes of just how much money there is to be made in songwriting, and hints of how "anything can happen" and "you never know," the fish starts to nibble at the bait.

danah boyd Australian Education.AU seminar talks
This is something work related for me but it also comes from Australia so that's cool. boyd is a very knowledgeable researcher in online social networks (myspace, know them). This is a large amount of streamed materials from her recent lecture gig in Australia. from the comments you even get to witness the wonder of morning/mourning television down under, something that scared the hell out of me when I was back there recently. Someone posted a link to danah from the Today Show.

U.S Military Counterinsurgency Manual
If you are fighting a war and need a manual then this "manual is designed to fill a doctrinal gap. It has been 20 years since the Army published a field manual devoted exclusively to counterinsurgency operations. For the Marine Corps it has been 25 years. With our Soldiers and Marines fighting insurgents in Afghanistan and Iraq, it is essential that we give them a manual that provides principles and guidelines for counterinsurgency operations. Such guidance must be grounded in historical studies. However, it also must be informed by contemporary experiences." Of course anyone anyone can access this manual, including those you are fighting your war against.....DDDUUUUHHHHHHHH!

Memory of Clubs and Maracas [Part 1] (Japan 2004) 42 mins.
Presented at Globians Film Festival 2005: This extensive documentary by Tokoda Kazutaka shows the performance of very rare initiation rites by the Xavante tribe in the Sangradouro region of Brasil (north of Mato Grosso). This initiation rite of the Xavante men endures for about 30 days and is performed every 12 years only. Japan film maker Tokoda Kazutaka was given permission to film the extraordinary procedures. This film comes in 2 parts. This is part 1. It begins with the theatrical trailer of 2 min. (without English subtitles) which proudly states the world premiere of this work had been at the 2005 Globians Potsdam world and culture documentary film festival.

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