Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Downstreams

This Friday mixed media is the theme with books, films and music. So let's get the downstreams flowing:

The Cape Experiment
This report from the Australian Broadcast Corporation's (ABC) Four Corners current affairs program gives an excellent picture of the situation in many (not all) Aboriginal Communities. There are other models for social recovery in Aboriginal communities and the conflicts with the community of Aurukun that are mentioned in this documentary may be the result of disagreements with the process of recovery being offered to them. Aurukun is a very traditional community in many ways and while it also has desperate problems it has also been a politically active site.

American Experience: The Summer of Love
This documentary from American PBS screened on April 23, 2007 looks back at the summer of 1967 in San Francisco. It is accompanied by teaching materials, extra interviews and whole lotta love.

The Endless Forest
The Endless Forest is a free, constantly evolving 3D deer simulation game that can be played both alone or in massive multiplayer online mode. Everyone plays a stag (male deer) and there is only non-violent interaction. To enhance the immersion, there is no chat function, but only deer-body-language instead. You can rub trees, sniff other deer, walk, jump, rest or run. The game was originally developed as a screensaver, but a standalone launcher was released afterwards. When you connect to the network, the game seamlessly introduces the other deer online. Inactive deer, but still online (in screensaver mode), are shown sleeping. If you are all alone in the forest, you can roar to try and wake them up.

Panda Bear People Party DVD
(Features nearly 2 hours of material including a song by each opener, full Panda Bear set edited from 3 nights, sound checks, other random footage, and an exclusive interview with Panda Bear. The DVD also comes with a fully functional chapter selection mode so you can cruise right to the parts you want to see!), plastic casing, and a personalized card which details which number DVD you own as well as authenticates your DVD.
Price: FREE (if you want to donate you can get even more)

V/A FLOWERS FROM THE DUSTBIN – A SYDNEY COMPILATION- Comp. LP (Aberrant Records, Australia, 1983)
THE KELPIES- Television.mp3
POSITIVE HATRED- In tune with living.mp3
WORLD WAR XXIV- Heart Attack.p3
BOX OF FISH- The good, the bad, the ugly.mp3
WHAT?!!- Toys out of control.mp3
QUEEN ANNE’S REVENGE- 25 hour hoods.mp3
POSITIVE HATRED- No one you can trust.mp3

Side B:
WORLD WAR XXIV- 5 to 9.mp3
WHAT?!!- Campbell’s song.mp3
THE KELPIES. My wall.mp3
BOX OF FISH- Our father.mp3
QUEEN ANNE’S REVENGE- Cathode ray gun.mp3
WHAT?!!- 20 t-bones.mp3
VELLOCETTE- Black cloud.mp3
POSITIVE HATRED- Think about tomorrow.mp3
THE KELPIES- Truro murders.mp3

Diaspora RomaA collection of Sinti- and Roma (/ -inspired) tunes, ranging from Paris to Bucharest and several places in between.

1: Intro to Ludo Luda - Csókolom
2: Improvisation sur le 1er MVT de J. S. Bach - Stéphane Grapelli & Django Reinhardt
3: Les Yeux Noirs - Django Reinhardt
4: Les Yeux Noirs - Mandino Reinhardt & Tchavolo Schmitt
5: Turceasca - Hurlak
6: Ando Tyire - Csókolom
7: Pusztĺtó - Besh o droM
8: Underground Čoček - Goran Bregovic
9: Intro/ Cocoro/ Branjsko čoček/ Nikolin čoček - Boban Markovic Orkestar
10: Bubamara - Goran Bregovic
11: Bubamara - Emir Kusturica & The Non-Smoking Orchestra
12: Corfu - Emir Kusturica & The Non-Smoking Orchestra
13: Gross (featuring Boom Pan) - Balkan Beat Box
14: Bivaly - Besh o droM
15: Carolina - Taraful Haiducilor
16: Lullaby/ Mahala - Csókolom
17: Anii Mei (intro) - Csókolom

Hanadensha: Narcotic Guitar
Japanese psychedelic noise gods Boredoms side project. This is a monumentally spacey album, all echoing synthesizers with any drums or guitars processed and made part of the overall groove. The metallic-printed cover art could not be more psychedelic.

Against The Grain by J K Huysmans (1885)
The best-known example of fin-de-siècle decadence, this novel has been banned and expurgated for years.

Là-bas by J.-K. Huysmans
In his later novels Huysmans recorded the spiritual quest of a man named Durtal, a writer, his fictional alter ego. Là-Bas was a highly stylized novel of black magic practiced in contemporary Paris. In the story Durtal decides to write a biography of Gil.

Lugwig Wittgenstein Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus
Hypertext of the Ogden bilingual edition. Endless fun with Luddie and his amusing mind.

U B U W E B :: Mike Kelley
Performed with Sonic Youth, Live at Artist's Space, New York City, December 5, 1986 with Molly Cleator and Adam Rudolf. Recorded by C. Parkinson. From the cassette Tellus #18: Experimental Theater.

Impressions de la Haute Mongolie - Hommage á Raymond Roussel (1974-75)
Salvador Dalí's romance with film and the visual arts is a relatively well-known chapter in the life of the original and controversial Spanish (Catalan) artist (1904-1989). His collaboration with Luis Buñuel in the writing of Un Chien Andalou (1929) and L'Age D'Or (1930) has been extensively examined and documented. However, his explorations of video art with the production of the "documentary" Impressions de la haute Mongolie. Hommage a Raymond Roussel (1974-75) remain an episode of his long and successful creative career only acknowledged by the specialist. The fact that the video production has not been commercialized by, more or less, vague reasons related to copyright disputes did not help to make this innovative work better known. The "videografía", written in collaboration with its director José Montes Baquer and produced with Sony-Cologne and WDR, narrates the exploration of Dalí to the remote land of Mongolia in search of the Great White Mushroom. Salvador Dalí, a consummate expert in media manipulation, invites the spectator to become his accomplice and partner in what it seems a drug-induced "trip" to a faraway and distant land where wonderful treasures are hidden. By means of advanced technology in film and the visual arts of the time (video, electronics, macro photography), Dalí strives to reveal optically the metamorphoses of matter with the purpose of revealing a new artistic reality. The journey --inspired by the psychedelic aesthetic of the seventies and narrated by Dalí in French, with English subtitles that roughly translates his words-- will offer the possibility of exploring the cosmos through the observation of a small metal piece magically transformed by Dalí's secret techniques. The adventure concludes in a Catalan town where the crowd participates in a public ceremony of communal painting (a true "happening") conducted and directed by Dalí. The multitude will worship him as a king (or so he intends) who does not shy away from acting as a clown

Kenji Siratori & GX Jupitter-Larsen collaborations: Noise Boy (2006) + Noisismo TV (2006).
"GX Jupitter-Larsen's paradise apparatus of the human body pill cruel emulator corpse feti=streaming of the soul/gram made of retro-ADAM in the surrender-site of the living body junk feeling replicant where turned on the ill-treatment of a chemical=anthropoid to the super-genomewarable reptilian=HUB****GX Jupitter-Larsen outputs the terror abolition world-codemaniacs that was processed the data=mutant of the drug fetus of the trash sense to the hunting for the grotesque WEB=joint terminal of the biocapturism nerve cells murder-gimmick of a clone boy GX Jupitter-Larsen's murder game to the insanity medium of the hyperreal HIV=scanners brain universe that compressed the acidHUMANIX infectious disease of my ultra=machinary tragedy-ROM creature system DNA=channel of the corpse city." - Kenji Siratori


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Nicke said...

"This is a monumentally spacey album, all echoing synthesizers with any drums or guitars processed and made part of the overall groove."

You should check out the Boris/SunnO))) collaboration album titeld "Altar" if you are into this kind of experimental guitar-driven stuff and have not already done so. Its a lot more doomy and down-tuned than what Narcotic Guitars seems to be from your description though. Actually, it sometimes sounds pretty much like the outlet of the airdrum that comes out of the crafts facilities at Ålidhemskolan.

This one (Lucifer Songs by Ufomammut (Italy)) is cool too:

One entire side of it is one track that is based on synthezisers and samples. It comes with a DVD with kaleidoscopic, psychadelic soundcapes and videos that is impossible to sit through. Its all very DIY and even the cover is handprinted by their art project Malleus (