Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Downstreams

This has been a non-downstreams week. I have been working a lot and nobody has been posting much good stuff online. Perhaps this is a sign that summer is drawing to a close. Anyway the Amen Break video above comes from [neverthought] and it is a good watch/listen. Also the only thing I found this week that I thought may be cool was this CD from WMFU: Pure Will, Without The Confusions Of Intellect (MP3s):
"For all the hours Nietzsche must have spent hunched over his notebook, many of his most important revelations occurred to him in the great outdoors. For instance, his theory of the eternal recurrence dawned on him while he stood beneath a boulder. In one letter to a friend, a young Nietzsche describes another moving experience in nature: to avoid a storm, Nietzsche stayed for a few hours in a small hut. While lightning struck around him, Nietzsche watched as the owner of the hut slaughtered goats. "I felt an incomparable upsurge; I realized that we actually understand nature only when we must fly to her to escape our cares and afflictions. What was man and his restless striving to me then! What was that endless 'thou shalt,' 'thou shalt not'! How different the lightning, the wine, the hail - sovereign powers, without ethics! How happy, how strong they are, pure will, unclouded by intellect!"

"I can't quite claim that the musicians on this comp are as powerful as lightning, but there are definately some sounds here that inspiredly defy tradition. Released by the Japanese Livevil label in 1991, "Pure Will, Without the Confusions Of Intellect" features international experimental veterans at a time of explosive growth in electronic technology."

Check it out. Have a good weekend. Peace.

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