Monday, August 27, 2007

Myopia and Second Sight

Reports are being posted about the third annual Second Life Community Conference. From the media it seems like Linden Lab is aware of the short falls in the system but are pushing on regardless. I think that is the best thing to do:

At this weekend's Second Life Community Convention, Philip Rosedale--founder of Second Life creator Linden Lab--ambitiously declared as he often does that "this is something that everybody on Earth is going to use," that the virtual world will be "bigger than the Web."

But minutes earlier, Rosedale had been jokingly boasting over PowerPoint graphs showing the extent of Second Life's problems with server lag time, maintenance both planned and unplanned, and glitches that occasionally make users' virtual inventories disappear. "Second Life is still very early and very small," he said, hinting at his disapproval of the media buzz that swarmed the virtual world several months ago. "Everyone in the media (jumps ahead) a lot more than the people here," he said, gesturing to the audience of loyal metaverse residents. "Everybody wants to jump ahead and say, 'Oh my God, the future's alive!'...It's the natural myopia of emerging systems like this."

Just imagine if Steve Jobs bought Linden....we would be living in Second Life within four years!

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Nobody Fugazi said...

The real barrier to a lot of the growth is actually policy - not technology. That, unfortunately, hasn't seemed to have escaped someone's lips... :-)