Tuesday, October 17, 2006

SoundLab Edition IV "memoryscapes" Launched

Finally, SoundLAB - Edition IV - "memoryscapes" is launched on Tuesday, 17 October 2006.

135 soundartists and more than 200 soundart pieces and a special curatorial contribution of soundart from Chile, curated by Rainer Krause (Chile form "memoryscapes", landscapes of collective memory manifested via sound and music.
The quantity of submitted works (double as much as selected) represented a specifc challenge in concern of creating online content. Another issue represents the non-visual status of sound and music and its representation for an audience via an interactive interface.

SoundLAB - Edition IV has further the priviledge to be included as the corporate extension of the media art project ://selfportrait -a show for Bethlehem - a show for Peace http://self.engad.org on occasion of the exhibition at OFFICYNA art space Szczecin/Poland duration: 20 October - 12 November - and therefore it was necessary to create "memoryscapes" differently than previous SoundLAB editions.

SoundLAB ist still in a re-structuration phase, but is now consisting of a text based low-tech blog and the high-tech streaming Flash based content. "memoryscapes" is a sonic environment consisting of 13 "m'scapes", each "m'scape" has a textual part which gives all information about the artists and the selected soundart works
and a streaming part, containing the soundart pieces.

Edition IV represents also another premiere as SoundLAB published SIP - SoundLAB Interview Project http://soundlab.newmediafest.org/blog/?page_id=41 on occasion of the launch, featuring the first 62 interviews of soundartists participating in SoundLAB Edition I-IV, they are--->
Sara Ayers (USA), Tautvydas Bajarkevicius (Lithuania)
Jim Barrett (Sweden), Becoming animal, Oren Ben Yosef, (Israel)
Chris Bors (USA), Donald Bousted, (UK)
braillebones (France), Mira Burt-Wintonick (Canada)
Martin John Callanan, (UK), Chelsea Cargill, (UK)
Bronwen Casson, (Ireland), Alison Chung-Yan, (Canada)
Catherine Clover, (UK), Luis Coronado, (Guatemala)
Jessica Curry, (UK), elicheinfunzione (Italy)
Ensamble Majamama (Chile), Claudio Fernandez, (Chile)
FLOW (UK), William Fowler Collins, (USA)
Jason Freeman (USA), Anna Friz (Canada)
Satoshi Fukushima, (Japan), Gintas K (Lithuania)
Matthew Giraudeau, (UK), Josh Goldman,(USA)
Scott Hall, (USA), Alex Hetherington, (UK)
Jeremy Hight, (USA), G.H. Hovagimyan,(USA)
David Kasdorf, (USA), Neil Kaczor (UK)
Mikhail Karikis (UK), 80juan80, - Kasari, Juan (Finland) -
Al Larsen (USA), Gregory Lasserre, (France)
Dario Lazzaretto, (Italy), Le Lavatrici Rosse (Italy)
Emily Lutzker, (USA), Wolfgang Peter Menzel, (Sweden)
Ailis Ni Riain (Ireland), Matthew Ostrowski (USA)
Mike McFerron (USA), Stefano Pasquini, (Italy)
Andrea Polli, (USA), PeterPrautzsch, (Germany)
Marco Puccini, (Italy), RijN (walter van rijn) (NL)
Neil Rose (UK), Grit Ruhland,(Germany)
Khaled Sabsabi, (Australia), Luz Maria Sanchez, (Mexico)
Debashis Sinha, (Canada), Pete Stollery, (UK)
Jouni Tauriainen, (Finland), Eldad Tsabari, (USA)
Jeff Thompson, (USA), u n c l e j i mn (UK)
tobias c. van Veen (Canada), Simon Whetham (UK)
Jake Whittaker, (UK)

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