Monday, October 23, 2006


"There are no collaborators in my troop!"

This has been flying around the blog circuit for the last couple of days but having once been a scout myself (for a whole two weeks!!) I could not let it go. It is true that the MPAA has done a deal with the Los Angeles area Boy Scouts to construct a Copyright merit badge:

Los Angeles - The Motion Picture Association of America, Inc. (MPAA) today announced a new education program, in conjunction with the Los Angeles Area Boy Scouts of America, to help raise awareness about the value of copyrights among the over 52,000 young people involved in Boy Scout programs in the greater Los Angeles area. The curriculum is part of an ongoing effort to educate kids about copyright protection and change attitudes towards intellectual property theft.

In order to get on of the Respect Copyright patches one must (a) be a boy (or a convincing representation of one) and (b)take part in:

"creating a public service announcement that demonstrates the importance of copyright protection or visiting a movie studio to learn about the people, time and costs required to make a movie" and other activities

Thinking about the origin of the Scouting movement and the "cunning military deceptions instituted at Baden-Powell's behest as commander of the garrison at Mefeking.", going to a movie studio to learn about the economics of Hollywood seems to be a long way from the dusty trail and the bushcraft I remember as having something to do with the Scouts....Dob Dob Dob Dib Dib Dib.

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