Monday, October 23, 2006

Chat Live with Jason Nelson

Jason Nelson, author of Dreamaphage (one of my thesis corpus texts) and many other high points of digital literature will be live online tomorrow night (CET). Jason stated in a email list in August this year:

"my site and particularly three of my artworks, have had over 2.2 million hits in the past few months."

Anyone interested in what is going on in digital Lit/art/reality should check this out. Here are the details:

Leonardo Electronic Almanac Discussion (LEAD): Vol 14 No 5_

:: Live chat with digital artist and cyberpoet Jason Nelson, discussing
fictobiography, responsive poetry, and other topics.
:: Chat date: Tuesday, October 24.
:: 10 am West Coast US / 1 pm East Coast USA / 7 pm Paris FR / 3 am
Melbourne AU
:: LEAD is an open forum around the New Media Poetics special issue of
Leonardo Electronic Almanac.

Chat instructions are here:
PLEASE NOTE: The instructions are intended to apply to all jabber chat clients, but there may be some variation for individual clients. For example, some clients may require the chat room server "" and others clients only "" Also, please refer to the link for a complete schedule of upcoming chats and for instructions on joining chats.


Artist Biography

With work recently appearing in Singapore at the Asian Civilizations
Museum, St. Petersburg Florida, UCLA, Hermeneia from Barcelona, Spain,
Vancouver Washington, around Australia, and other worldly parts, Jason
Nelson is always charmed by how rarely he travels beyond the distance
provided by a tank of gas. Being a Digital Writing Lecturer at Griffith
University in the Gold Coast of Australia, he deeply misses the snows of
the Oklahoma plains, so miss the snows. Come explore his creatures at: or

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