Monday, October 30, 2006

YouTube Future?

Will this be the future for Youtube?

"A 12 year old girl uploads a video of herself lip syncing the latest Shakira pop song onto YouTube and is served with a copyright infringement notice. Has she breached copyright law? Has she infringed moral rights or performers’ rights? Is she entitled to rely upon the defence of fair dealing? Can YouTube be held liable for authorising copyright infringement? And on what terms may her video be reused? The popularity of online video sharing websites has grown enormously over the past year, with the most famous of these YouTube now ranked as the 10th most popular website on the internet with over a 100 million videos viewed every day. However, the copyright and other related issues surrounding these video sharing websites – in particular the content which is uploaded to them – remain less clear. This article will provide an overview of key copyright law issues facing online video sharing websites, such as YouTube from an Australian perspective."
O'Brien, Damien and Fitzgerald, Brian (2006) Digital copyright law in a YouTube world .

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