Monday, May 29, 2006

Time and the Blog

My scholarship is about to finish so I have had to apply to my department for funding to finish the last 2 years of my PhD. This has involved listing my achievements for the past 2 years of the PhD (it feels like its been 6 months). To do this I went through my blog archives methodically from when I got the scholarship (June 2004) until today. There were lots of broken picture links and some embarrassing reading- I think I have changed a lot in the last 2 years. What was interesting was that I 'found' things: things I had done and had not remembered when first compiling a list for the PhD application. I also found links and entries about things that are still very relevant to what I am doing that I have little memory of or had looked for elsewhere but could not find. Here are some of my favorites:

Book (comes with instructions)
I had been looking for this. It summarizes in a humorous way many of the preconceptions and assumptions behind materiality and media.

Sydney City Rain
Recorded in 2004 with my friends Adil and Johan of Funkservice. I lost this when my hard drive destroyed itself and I did not think it was still online...but a link on my blog showed me that it was.

Berkeley Audio Archive
This is the only time I have heard a recording of Michel Foucault speaking English: two seminars he gave at Berkeley in 1983. As well there is Malcolm X, Margaret Mead, Aldous Huxley, Umberto Eco and Noam Chomsky plus more.

Cybertexts Collected by Jim Barrett
This is a small collection of texts that Erika made into a webpage when she still worked in HUMlab. It was one result of my research for my D paper.

Finally a quote I found for Monday, August 30, 2004 that I still think is good:

"Truth is restored by reducing the lie to an absurdity." M. M. Bakhtin

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