Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I have been involved in this 'network' for a while now. In the last 6 month it has really gathered momentum and things are looking pretty exciting. Such as this:

A workshop for doctoral students at Umeå University with the theme ”Interaction in Digital Environments” will take place on 21-22 August 2006. The workshop’s aim is to create a contact network between doctoral students who are doing research within this cross-disciplinary subject area. The workshop is primarily for doctoral students but we welcome anyone who is interested in this area.

This workshop will be arranged by a local doctoral student network (Digital Interaction Research Network – DIRN) at Umeå University. The network is composed of doctoral students from various departments and faculties with a common interest in the study of interaction in digital environments.

The workshop will consist of lectures given by guest speakers and supervised work-in-progress seminars in which each participant will have the opportunity to present his or her ongoing research. The workshop’s languages are the Scandinavian languages and English.

The workshop will give doctoral students the possibility to:
- present their research in a relaxed and constructive environment
- get feedback from established researchers and doctoral colleagues
- get an overview of what doctoral students within this subject area are currently working on
- establish contacts with fellow doctoral students

The invited speakers are:
- Jill Walker, Department of Humanistic Informatics, University of Bergen
- T.L. Taylor, Center for Computer Games Research, IT University of Copenhagen
- Patrik Hernwall, School of Communication, Technology & Design, Södertörn University College
- Patrik Svensson, HUMlab, Umeå University

The workshop arrangers will pay for traveling participants’ costs for food and accommodations. The number of participants accepted to the workshop will be limited.

The workshop arrangers will pay for traveling participants’ costs for food and accommodations. The number of participants accepted to the workshop will be limited.

If this sounds interesting to you, please follow these instructions:
1. Visit our Wiki to read more about the network and the workshop: http://dirn.wikispaces.com/.
2. Indicate preliminary interst to participate in the workshop by adding your name on the wiki page that has been created for this purpose (”Preliminary workshop participants”).
3. Feel free to create a page of your own to present yourself and your research. This way, the Wiki will serve as a meeting point for everyone who has an interest in the subject area of the workshop, including those who cannot make it to Umeå for the workshop.
3. By June 16 you should send your formal application (1-3 pages – see below) to daniel.skog@informatik.umu.se.
4. Those accepted to the workshop will be notified by 23 June. Here, you will also receive information about accommodation and how you can make travel arrangements.

You formally apply for the workshop by sending a 1 – 3 page document in which you describe your thesis subject and ongoing research and bring up issues you would like to discuss. As some of the doctoral students and guest lecturers have English as a native language you are welcome to write this information in English. Of course you may also write in any of the Scandinavian languages and we can help each other with translation and oral interpretation if necessary. This document is the only writing you will need to produce for the workshop. All documents will be distributed to all participants and in preparation for the workshop each participant is expected to read and prepare comments on some of the other texts.

Questions can be directed to me or therese.ornberg@humlab.umu.se or daniel.skog@informatik.umu.se.

Those of us in the doctoral student network DIRN at Umeå University hope to see you in Umeå in August!

Alison Hudson, Department of Interactive Media and Learning
Camilla Jonsson, Department of Education
Daniel Skog, Department of Informatics
Elza Dunkels, Department of Interactive Media and Learning
Jim Barrett, Department of Modern Languages, HUMlab
Stefan Blomberg, Department of Culture and Media, HUMlab
Stephanie Hendrick, Department of Modern Languages, HUMlab
Therese Ö. Berglund, Department of Modern Languages, HUMlab
Van Leavenworth, Department of Modern Languages, HUMlab

This workshop has received financial support from many different working units and institutions at Umeå University. Money has been granted from Tvärvetenskapligt forum, HUMlab, The Faculty of Teacher Education, Department of Education, Department of Culture and Media and Department of Informatics.

For more information see: http://dirn.wikispaces.com.

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