Monday, May 01, 2006

Neil's Garage

The Map of Greendale

Neil Young has released a new album, "Living with War". It is being streamed from his website Neil's Garage. His site is an interesting mix of media and design. An image of a car is the main menu, the sounds stream out along with access to kinetic script for the lyrics to the songs. There is information about his book, Greendale which "has already produced a groundbreaking and critically acclaimed album, film and multimedia tour." There are videos from TV appearances and a link to Neil's blog Living with War (also on Blogger no less). There are links at previews to his new movie, Heart of Gold. You can also host the stream for the entire new album on your own site:

"The affiliate link creator allows partners to create custom links to the Neil Young -Living With War Player. To create a link to the Neil Young - Living With War Player please fill out the form below and click submit."

Neil is also on Myspace where he has 14 000 'friends' (how can he remember all their names :-)

This is the most interesting and intergrated use of media I have seen from a major artist for a while. Neil was born 12 November 1945 so while Keith Richards is falling out of trees at $10 000 a day holiday resorts at the age of 62, Neil seems to be using his remaining time more effectively (and doing it with digital media too).

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