Thursday, May 04, 2006

McPhee in Finland

From 9th May to 5th September 2006, CARTES Centre for Art and Technology presents a video retrospective installation at WeeGee,Tapiola, Finland, together with the debut of two new films, by multimedia artist Christina McPhee (US).

"As in a dream, the camera in media artist Christina McPhee's video.. roams across an enigmatic landscape gathering disparate images that tangle together as loosely twisted threads of a story. They never
fully knit together, but that's the point. Her themes are memory, trauma and the tumult of earthquakes, and the video functions as a dreamscape of layered and moving frames that mimic the way slips of
imagery flutter through our psyche, one quickly replaced by another..."
Holly Willis, "Carrizo-Parkfield Diaries," LA Weekly, March 2005

The current geologic epoch is sometimes called 'anthropocene' to emphasize the force of human-induced ecological and geologic changes. In response to the global crisis of climate change and environmental risk, contemporary media art moves across the liminal edges of landscapes, linking human perceptions with natural forces, in a cybernetic embrace. Along the San Andreas Fault in California, Christina McPhee explores topologies of memory, trauma and geologic presence, like a field guide in a psychogeographic landscape. She tracks seismic presence through intimate studies of site. Combining performance and documentary, her experimental films meditate on the
hidden and invisible forces of seismicity, and the shock of unpredictable trauma. Her topologic site studies hauntingly combine the poetics of memory with flashes of documentary and performance. Her work lives at the strange crossroads of scientific visualization and imaginative narrative in new media.

Christina's videos are presented courtesy the artist and Sara Tecchia
Roma New York

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