Sunday, March 27, 2005

Fried the Drive

Two days ago we managed to short circuit the hard drive on the home computer. I last made a back-up copy of important files 6 months ago so a lot has been lost. As well an impressive Mp3 collection (6500 files) is gone. The hard drive with 35 GB of information is fried.
It will be a few days at least before we are up and running again. I will buying a DVD burner now and will in future be religiously backing up files with copies on DVDs.
I am very sad about this but can see the philosophical side to it. This is a chance for a fresh beginning and the links and files i have been loading up to online share sites means I have some music files and pictures still saved....thank you flickr, internet archive, web-a-photo,, ourmedia, and SoundClick.

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