Thursday, November 03, 2005

Rooted by Sony

From the people who bought me the pain of OpenMG technology (TM.), which I have blogged bitterly about before, comes the rootkit. I came across this via OLDaily. Even considering that the Sony corporation is one of the major players in digital rights management (DRM) and other hindrances to innovation the rootkit is a an unexpected piece of nastiness:

"Rootkits are cloaking technologies that hide files, Registry keys, and other system objects from diagnostic and security software, and they are usually employed by malware attempting to keep their implementation hidden"
from Mark's Susinternals

These packets of evil are actually being manufactured under license and distributed by Sony!

"you simply drop your legally purchased CD in your legally purchased computer, and you are infected with DRM, no choice in the matter. Imagine if you happen to do something as criminal as taking your legally purchased CD to work, where it conflicts with a piece of software. Who is responsible for the cleanup costs?"
The Inquirer

I scanned my computer yesterday and found five negligible objects. Luckily they were all in the Cookies and Temp folders so it was easy to clear. I do not think they were actually rootkit DRM as I don't listen to any music that is manufactured by such people.

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