Sunday, November 13, 2005

Blogger Blogging HTML and the Load that Takes Forever

I have been working on the template of this thing for quite a few hours now. It is still incredibly slow to load the page and I don't know why (Have written to and asked WHY?). It as been good to get things tidied up but anyway. I have decided to go minimal on this blog, well as minimal as possible (I still have too many links). Almost everything I know (very little) about coding I have learnt from this blog (and a couple of community college desktop publishing courses), a great way to become familiar with the stuff behind the screen. When it stared (almost 3 years ago) this blog looked completely different than it does now and I have never uploaded a new template, just mutated the one I started with. It is a sort of digital bricolage, layers of memories suturing one another together, holding the last three years of my life in a wonky patchwork of bad code and cut and paste functionalism.

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