Thursday, November 17, 2005

Benjamin and Me

I have actually been working quite hard, despite the relaxed ambiance of the image (Benjamin is two......Months old on Saturday. We may even have a party).
I have been reading a lot: some great texts:

Mark Gottdiener, Postmodern Semiotics: Material Culture and the Forms of
Postmodern Life

J Hillis Miller The Ethics of Reading (finally someone who can explain Kant in a way I can understand).
Umberto Eco The Role of the Reader
Julian Wolfreys Readings: Acts of Close Reading in Literary Theory
Jan Van Looy and Jan Baetens Close Reading New Media: Analyzing Electronic Literature
And other bits and pieces. The text is coming along in a surprising methodical way. The seminar yesterday (Martin has almost finished his hard slog...and had an interesting 'opponent' for his final seminar yesterday). I learnt a few things from the discussion.

Almost forgot....what am I listening to: Benjamin Zephaniah

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