Tuesday, November 01, 2005

In the Darkness of the Mind........

I have been away from this blog for a while as we continue to deal with the unusual sleep pattern of a now 6 week old baby (who has gone up almost 1 kg in weight in 5 weeks) and what time I get is spent reading or preparing more urgent texts. Winter has begun to spread its arms around us here in the north and as I write this (in my just occupied office at uni) it is 4pm and as dark as night outside my window (no snow yet). It feels like I have embarked on a new journey with my belated and patchy return to university now being just research orientated. The crowds of young students in corridors and cafes who are finding their feet seem to be very distant as I move hurriedly around "my campus" (Office, Institution admin, HUMlab, Library).
I am working on what could become a chapter of a thesis....whhooo...Sounds so adult! Here is a rough abstract that I wrote to myself, just in case I forget what it is I'm doing:

"Works of digital literature are, like any work of literary imagination, only complete when read. How is this reading undertaken and by whom? The work itself creates the "Reader" by the intention of the code systems employed (verbal, visual, material, and audial). The construction of this reader may be understood in terms of interactivity as it is a common feature of literacy generally and digital texts themselves. What is the social nature of the reader which emerges from interactive reading?"

At the moment it is going by the title "The Interactive Reader".

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