Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Now Blogging from Qumana

This was a post via Qumana but it seems to have a few drawbacks so I have uploaded it again in Blogger and I will continue experimenting with Qumana. The short comings I have spoted so far is that Qumana does not upload pictures to an online server, only creates a file path to where you have them on your drive. So if my computer is not online, there is no image. Second, there is no preview function (that I have been able to find) so you don't know how it looks until you post. Finally you can't write entries in HTML...which makes thing very flat.

So here is the orginal post that was here.

This is a test as I have begun blogging from Qumana due to a desire to use technorati tags and being impressed with what looks like a very flexible blogging tool (thanks Steph). I have not much to say (spending my days close reading digital literature and theory) although I did want to recomend a film if anyone wants to come to a deeper understanding to what has been happening in France over the last week;
Mathieu Kassovitz
La Haine


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