Monday, July 21, 2008


I have about 15 original downloads available on the Internet Archive and enjoy finding new music and films from other people there as well. I joined Ourmedia soon after it launched and have uploaded music and videos I have made there as well. The past two years have been hectic for me with university so I have not been publishing much outside this blog. On the weekend I happen to log in to Ourmedia and look around, for the first time in a while. I am glad I did as I discovered SpinXpress. SpinXpress is a tool for unlimited upload and sharing of files for collaborative online media creation. As well SpinXpress is a search tool for Creative Commons material that is free to share in media creation. The thing that appeals to me is to be able to make multimedia over distance with artists collaborating anywhere in the world that have a good enough ISP connection.
I have been since thinking about how a tool such as SpinXpress could be used in the classroom, as a extension of group work. I think this has possibilities with the idea that assignments been created using Spinexpress and archived either with a group created for the course on Ourmedia or a site in the Internet Archive. The bonus is that it is all free and can now work with unlimited file sizes.
I really want to finish my thesis so I can get back to making things.

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