Thursday, July 24, 2008


Avatara (2003)
Video 1 hr 11mins

An amazing journey into the community that inhabited the OnLive! Traveler world.

'AVATARA' is a feature-length documentary consisting of interviews with the (mostly American) inhabitants of the voice-chat environment OnLive! Traveler, which has been in existence since ca. 1993 and is now accessible through The Digital Space Commons as DigitalSpace Traveler. The documentary was recorded entirely 'in-world,' that is within the Traveler environment and, according to its creators, is one of the first docudramas done in Machinima style -- displaying its content from within a virtual world. The interviewer and guide Kalki (a blueish horse head) and the inhabitants of the Traveler environment he talks to mostly appear as torso-size avatars in their natural virtual surroundings and comment on the topics Community, Identity, Art, Wars, and Loss.
Review of the DVD.

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