Thursday, July 10, 2008

Online Journal Hz #12 is HERE

Subject: Hz #12


#12 presents:


Spectral Memories: the Aesthetics of the Phonographic Recording by Dugal McKinnon
Sonic artist/Composer Dugal McKinnon examines the aesthetics of the phonographic recording: "how is the record, as a technology with a well-documented history, also a signifying medium that has generated certain meanings, and modes of aesthetic production and reception?"

_Augmentology Extracts_ by Mez Breeze
Futurist and cyber poet Mez Breeze explores concepts that shape and are shaped by an extensive range of online/synthetic encounters through the phenomena Reality Mixing, Game Addiction and Avatar Formation. Three extracts from

Sound Art and Public Auditory Awareness by Ariel Bustamante
Ariel Bustamante explores the connection between Sound Art and public auditory sensibilities by reviewing works by Max Neuhaus, Sam Auinger and Bruce Odland, Christina Kubisch, and Scout Arford and Randy Yau.

Second Lives, Virtual Identities and Fragging by Matthew Board
"The use of the virtual identity, whether through Second Life, the persona of the hacker or an online identity gives the digital artist the freedom to explore creative strategies that would otherwise be much more difficult to realize." Matthew Board investigates online art practice.

YMYI - You Move You Interact by João Martinho Moura and Jorge Sousa
"YMYI (You Move You Interact) is an interactive installation, where one is supposed to build up a body language dialogue with an artificial system so as to effectively achieve a synchronized performance between the real user's body and the virtual object itself."

Pixelgrain by John Grande
Writer John Grande's essay on "Pixelgrain" project by the artists Michael Alstad and Leah Lazariuk, an online repository of documents and ideas linked to the fading symbol of the Canadian prairie grain elevator.


Spamology by Irad Lee

Self-Portrait by Ethan Ham

All The News by Jody Zellen by Alan Bigelow

Nothing At All (Here) by Jeremy Hight


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