Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Solution Found for Copyright Infringement

The site Dear Rockers is paying back musicians "five bucks at a time". The solution to the reported "millions" that is being stolen by file sharing music downloading is simply write to the musicians you love and send them cash. Here is an example from a guilty Oasis fan:

Dear Noel,
Here goes. Confession time.

I pilfered the vinyl of Definitely Maybe from Salford HMV in 1994. I don’t even live round there - I’m a “soft southern twat” lol - but I needed to prove how hard I was to my mates so I got a saver return for the day and travelled “oop north” to commit the crime. I was going to hitch, but it was a bit blowy out that day, plus I’d heard there were dreadful roadworks around the M6 area.

Anyroad up (as you Mancs say !) I’m now a comfortably off Exec in the music promotions business and I’ve seen first hand what havoc such foolish actions as my youthful misdemeanour can wreak upon the welfare and profits of the often under rewarded artist, such as your goodself.

Soooo…*deep breath*…here’s recompense. Only minor, but it’s something, eh?

Enclosed, please find:
and one Indian Rupee (Liam can probably fob this off in the fag machine in his local boozer)

All this ought to add up to the fair and princely sum of US$5 if we’re going by the current exchange rate of 1.946871. You can do the maths yourself.
Actually, you probably can’t, can you?

Yours Empathetically,
Phil. M. Riot

If you have guilty feelings about an Mp3 file you selfishly pilfered from one of your favorite stars, then go to Dearrockers.com, show them some love and take a load off your conscious.

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